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Our Services

At SMS | ITC, we provide a range of IT services tailored to the needs of our clients. Below are a list of the core services we provide.

IT Support Consulting

Sometimes, all you need is some good advice. Whatever your IT needs are, we will endeavor to find the best possible IT solution at the best possible business value to your organization.


Is your business expanding into a new facility? Do you have a new branch office? We can help grow your IT network by incorporating new network segments or adding WAN connections.

Client System Support

Does your business have dated devices? Are you expanding and need additional workstations? Let SMS | ITC evaluate your situation and provide an efficient solution to meet your needs.

Infrastructure Solutions

Any IT Enterprise is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. From power systems to building wiring, fiber-optics to wireless access points, SMS | ITC can assist with all of the many layers of IT infrastructure systems.

RF System 

Sometimes wires just don't cut it when traversing a long-distance. Radio frequency devices like wireless access points, line-of-site links, and other signal-based devices are the best option. SMS | ITC can help find the best fit.

Managed IT Services

The day-to-day operation and repair of your business IT systems can be taxing, especially as your business grows. Let us take on this burden by providing remote and/or on-site IT support.

IT System

IT Systems create business value from your IT Enterprise. Do you need to move services to the cloud or go virtual? Get help from SMS | ITC with new system installs, system upgrades, new software, and more.

Cybersecurity Support

Security is an important component of any business, with IT critically needing protection. SMS | ITC can assist with the many aspects of cybersecurity including malware defense, device security, and much more.

IT Security

An organization's first line of defense against a cyber-incident is their employees. Employees need the skills to avoid cyber-risks and keep their company safe. SMS | ITC can provide employee training to aid in cyber-readiness.

Custom Built Workstations

When a typical vendor purchased computer does not meet your needs, a custom designed machine may be the way to go. Emerging AI software, photo & video editing tasks, data intensive processes, and special operating environments are all reasons to build a custom computer.

What Our Clients Say

"SMS ITC was extremely proficient in helping me set up the IT for my small business. They helped me assess my business’ needs and formed a plan with me beforehand and then did a great job"
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