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IT Security Training

The first line of defense against cybersecurity incidents is an organization's employees. Whether it be from IT personnel, company leadership, or the rank-and-file staff, most security failures in IT come from mistakes made by people.  To mitigate this problem, proper training and situational awareness in the various types of cyber-threats is critical for every member of the business. SMS | ITC can provide training media and methods for employee security readiness, view examples below.

  • Printable training materials - slides, pamphlets, bulletins, and posters. 

  • Slide shows for training in-house via email, portals, or company taught.

  • In-person IT security instruction with slides and hand-out materials.

  • Virtual (VTC) IT security instruction with slides and hand-out materials.

  • IT staff security training instruction for enterprise best practices by topic.

  • Leadership training for overall IT enterprise security best practices.

  • Consultation for the above topics on developing in-house security training.

  • ***This section is not intended as a technology hardening training tool.***

It is our hope at SMS | ITC that additional training for your organization's staff will help reduce the incidents of cybersecurity failures and provide a more secure environment for your customers. While no security posture is perfect and people make mistakes, a better awareness of the cyber-threats out there and what to look for should make everyone safer while doing business. Please contact SMS | ITC using the contact form below if we can setup IT training for you today.

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