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IT network services are the backbone of any organization's technical services and must operate efficiently to support business activities. Some organizations are just getting started and need advice on how to build-out their network systems, others are expanding and need their systems to grow or perform at a higher level. When it comes to technical networking solutions, there are a number of options for organizations to choose from, below is a short list of common networking needs.

  • Establishment of network services at a new business location or campus.

  • Expansion of network services from a home-office to a new location.

  • Relocation of network services from one location to a new location.

  • Expansion of existing network services to allow more users or bandwidth.

  • Addition of or expansion of wireless (Wi-Fi) network capabilities on-site.

  • Creation of network failovers to aid service sustainment during IT outages.

  • Evaluation of network security and/or the hardening of network systems.

  • Install of campus wireless line-of-site (LOS) solutions between facilities.

  • Implementation of network solutions for telephone and camera systems.

At SMS | ITC, we are committed to determining the best network service solution for your business needs. Even if the solution to your business needs is not readily known or the options out there seem complex and numerous, we can provide clarity and sensible options. If you would like to reach out to us for more information or a quote on potential solutions, please use the contact form below.

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