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RF System Solutions

IT Radio frequency (RF) systems encompasses a family of products that allow enterprise IT communications to traverse spaces that hard lines either cannot go or would be inefficient as a transport medium. RF systems includes Wi-Fi devices like access points (AP) that many are familiar with and that are used to connect to mobile devices like laptops and cell phones.


Also included in the RF system family are point-to-point devices that connect facilities together on a large campus or sites separated by undeveloped geography. The advantage of RF systems is that they can be rapidly deployed and just as rapidly taken down as the organization's needs change. Below is a list of RF systems solution examples that SMS | ITC can provide consultation.

  • AP deployment for employee and/or client wireless network access.

  • Intra-facility campus connections with point-to-point RF devices.

  • Site-to-site microwave line-of-site (MLOS) long range RF systems.

  • Satellite Internet systems for geographically distant site connections.

  • High power wireless AP systems for large area network access.

  • Handheld radio systems, vehicle born radio kits, and RF base stations.

  • GPS tracking technology for individuals or vehicle location monitoring.

  • Wireless CCTV camera systems and other facility security sensors.


RF system solutions as they pertain to common AP devices are typical requirements for even the smallest business with the more specialized MLOS and satellite systems reserved for special business requirements. SMS | ITC is prepared to provide consulting and/or project management services in support of your RF system needs, for more information, please contact us via the contact form below.

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