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Cybersecurity Support

Properly implemented cybersecurity may be the single most important activity an organization can do to protect its data and its client's data from theft or public exposure. To properly implement a healthy cybersecurity program however, the many aspects of information technology security must be implemented for the program to be effective.


It may be daunting for a business's leadership to identify all the ways in which cybersecurity can fall short and implement proper remediation efforts. Below are some areas of security concerns that can be addressed in every organization.

  • Proper access control to network resources both on-premises and remote.

  • Implementation of PKI systems and user based multi-factor authentication.

  • Consistent and through patch management of servers and client systems.

  • Use of ant-malware software, security devices, and endpoint protection.

  • Proper implementation of cloud security with encrypted data transport.

  • Use of AD-DS, security groups, GPOs, and least privilege methodology.

  • Mobile device security through data encryption and remote wiping.

  • Physical security measures for IT server rooms, racks, and cabinets.

  • CCTV security systems with DVR support and other site security systems.

  • Proper asset control and inventory management to prevent data theft.

  • Data backup and replication schemes to limit impact of ransomware.

  • Industry/government security requirements (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc.).

  • Employee training on proper cybersecurity awareness and behaviors.


SMS | ITC can assist your organization with first identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities within your daily operations and the IT systems that support business activities. Secondly, SMS | ITC can provide consulting and/or project planning efforts to shore up your cybersecurity posture that meets industry and governmental requirements.


While no IT system is completely immune form cyber-threats, it is the intention of SMS |ITC is to ensure that our clients can conduct their business with the knowledge that a best effort has been made in securing their IT systems. For more information regarding cybersecurity hardening please contact SMS | ITC for more information below.

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