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IT Services

With managed IT services, clients can expect a robust and timely remote technical response to service issues at the client site as well as an on-premises response if the technical difficulties demand it.​ The depth of the IT support would be written into each client's custom Service Level Agreement (SLA) and would be billed at a level commiserate with their number of employees and any additional requested service enhancements.

Some of the key managed IT service offerings are as follows:

  • Remote IT system monitoring and response to network outages.

  • Remote client support for users on-premises during business hours.

  • On-premises support for site health and maintenance of IT equipment.

  • On-premises support for emergency response to network outages.

  • Ongoing consulting services for IT service/system modifications.

  • Cybersecurity posturing and response to IT security breaches.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) actions and data replication services.

  • Cloud service consulting and assistance with third-party service contracts.

  • Data migration for network & server upgrades, exchange mailboxes, etc.


At SMS-ITC, our intention is to assist our clients with all of their IT needs and provide a level of IT expertise and service experienced by fully staffed, on-site IT departments. It is our hope that the cost savings from this approach will enable developing businesses to focus their resources on growing their brands and customer bases. If you would like to know more about how SMS | ITC can help your business's IT requirements, please contact us with the information request form below.

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