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Custom Built

A computer workstation is an often misunderstood term for a typical laptop or desktop computer used in a multi-user environment. A workstation is in fact a typically single user computer with advanced processing, graphics, data-storage, and other specialized capabilities. Workstations are not as powerful as servers but are designed to do certain types of tasks very well such as graphical processing, multitasking software, complex engineering & scientific functions, and many others. 


Companies like Dell and Apple do provide high-end production models of their desktop and laptop lines that can and do serve their customers well but are not considered workstations, the same is true for "gaming" computers. It should be understood that custom workstation builds come with a premium cost as they are built to suit the needs of the client and are designed and built by experts. For customers that think they might need a custom workstation, consider the following examples of their use in business below.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and other data analysis functions. 

  • Advanced graphics such as video rendering & animation software.

  • Architectural software such as CAD when rendering 3D models.

  • Financial software requiring extensive multi-database accessing,

  • Vendor directed software requirements for specific system specs.

  • Systems requiring RAID, ECC-Memory, Multiple-Processor, Multi-GPU.

  • Virtual reality supported engineering and scientific collaboration.

  • Aerospace simulations for realistic flight and virtual prototyping.


The advantage of custom built workstations as compared to off-the-shelf computer systems is their almost endless configuration variations that can meet the needs of any client's operational requirements. SMS | ITC is prepared to provide consulting and/or project management services in support of your custom workstation needs, for more information, please contact us via the contact form below.

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